Covid Safety Measures

Please read below everything you need to know before you come. Thank you for all your continued support & understanding!

The restaurant & garden are open. You need to book a table. The restaurant & garden are both open, but you do need to book a table & wear Face Masks as we are a licenced premises.

As per the Government restrictions – Each table is for a maximum of 10 people (a maximum of 4 households) & can only be booked for a 2 hour slot. We sell alcohol inside & outside, & all our safety measures must be followed to keep everyone safe. Outside you can have up to 15 from 15 households.


Due to the current Covid-19 health situation, the business has been adversely effected by the crisis & we please ask that you bear with us when it is busy as we are now reduced to a very small team!

The Beech Tree will look & feel very different to our normal service as we will be putting everyone’s health before anything, but we want to welcome you back & hope you enjoy your visit.

We are following the guidelines provided by the Government to try to keep everyone safe, so have had to put into place a number or rules that must be followed by everyone.

Our tables are all at a socially safe distance of 1 meter for you to enjoy your food & drinks. We have one table that you can request for vulnerable customers, so please ask for that if you want a table with no neighbours. You will need to book a table to be able to gain access to the premises which you can do via email – or by telephone – 01360 550297. All tables must be Pre-Booked & can only be booked for 2 hours. We are not taking bookings for just drinks, food must be purchased at each table. We have a maximum of 6 per table from a maximum of 2 house holds. We need to keep a very close eye on costs, so we may open later or close early on quieter days, which is why it is essential you book a table.

What to expect when you arrive at the Beech Tree

To order your food & drinks you will need to do this on your phone via our website. Don’t worry the staff are on hand to help you & talk you through it. We have set up a simple form online which your can do from your table, when making your payment & it will ask you to fill in your contact details. It is mandatory for us to collect your contact details, your order & payment will not be submitted if you do not complete this. This system may seem like a pain to some people, but it is designed to keep our contact with you to an absolute minimum, therefore you are not getting dirty pens to write your details etc. It is the safest way for all & automatically collects the governments mandatory information.

All the food & drinks will be served to your table, if in the garden it will be in disposable packing with disposable cutlery & cups, please remember that you will need to put everything into the bins provided once you have finished with them. This is for your safety & ours. Once you leave the table it will be sprayed to make sure it is safe for the next person.

We must ask you to remain seated at all times, however children up to the age of 10 can play on the outside play equipment & we have provided a cleaning station for you to clean the equipment before your child plays if you wish to do so. You can feed the goats & ducks however you need to sanitize your hands before & after due to the metal fence, & you can feed the rabbits & guinea pigs.

Obviously, the weather plays a massive role. We have very limited seating inside the premises and in the garden, we only have 6 tables which are covered on our decking area, but the rest are open to the elements. Might be worth bringing an umbrella or two! The premises will only be open for lunches from 11am until 5pm for pre-booked tables, however our takeaway service for the West Highland Way Walkers is planned at this stage to be 7 days a week, 10am till 2pm weather permitted.

Please bear with us as this is not just all a new way for you but it is all completely strange & new to us. Even with all our preparation – I am sure we will need to make some alterations along the way, but we care so much about your health & the staff’s health that this will be monitored very closely

You can also do your food shop online whilst you are here & take it home with you.