Our Wildlife Garden

The Beech Tree Inn has created a wildlife garden including a bird hide which you are welcome to use & enjoy.
All we ask is you purchase a coffee at the Beech Tree as it helps us pay for the bird food we provide in the feeders.

We aim to provide subtle education for kids in this area & have provided lots of information about wildlife & the habitat in it for your enjoyment. 

Its not a big area, but we have put in a path so that it is wheelchair & buggy friendly as the countryside should be accessible to all.

We have seen woodpeckers, blue tits, sparrows, great tits, flycatchers, robins, blackbirds, pine martens, tawny owls, heron, deer, red squirrel, tree creepers, siskins, swallows, to name a few.

All of these photos have been taken in our wildlife garden