The weather today – 7th Feb 2016, gave me some photos to help show you why I believe the new bit of West Highland Way path will be an improvement.

This photo is taken from our existing CCTV of the wet West Highland Way along the back of the Beech Tree


This photo is taken from our existing CCTV of the wet WHW across the road on the other side of the Beech Tree


This photo is taken from the WHW across the road, you will see the wet ground, which is why we have started to put a base layer of broken tiles down (recycled & gifted from one house in Balfron & one in Killearn who were re-roofing)

Path 1

Taken looking from the road side. This path will be approximately double the width when finished to accommodate cyclists as well as walkers


This why we want to put in drainage


The existing path full of puddles


Further on past the Beech Tree, the existing path with more puddles.


This is the worse bit, which is why we put bricks down (recycled & gifted from a house making alterations in Balfron), this is the very beginning of the foundations for this part of the path. More rubble, slate, type 1 & whin dust, will be added as this is the area that we need to raise the most. You will notice that spaces have been left in this for drainage to be inserted.


Now you can make your own minds up on the proposed West Highland Way path