Our Wild Animals & birds

You may also see some of the wild animals & birds that have visited the Beech Tree

We have two large bird feeders which we have built with mesh so that only the small birds can get in for dinner

A wee song thrush
Pine Martin in our Wildlife Garden
Weasel in our aviary
A wee red squirrel at the front door

We have seen a Stoat, chasing a wild rabbit

Click here to see our Stoat 

Visiting Lizard
One summer we found a lizard as it was so hot

We get regular visits from the Heron


These are our swallow chicks, click here to see our Swallows

White doves sometimes visit in the summer Click here to see our Doves


Lots of Toads

Click here to see Local Lamb – 


We found one of our neighbour sheep with one lamb but in distress lambing, so went to lend a hand as both my manager & I have experience of lambing. Unfortunately the sheep really wasn’t well, we lambed a still born, which made her a little more comfortable, Once the Shepard arrived he then lambed the 3rd lamb, unfortunately again still born, but mother & son are both now in the safe hands of the Shepard in his shed.
This video shows us trying to get the wee man to suckle as he was very weak, and the mother making signs of a small bit of recovery

Oyster Catchers
We found them falling off the roof & caught them, put them in a safe place for mum to come & collect as per the SSPCA advice. All back reunited, fortunately no more tumbles of the roof


Helping one of our wee stunned Chaffinch to recover

Robin Nest

Wee hungry Robin’s

We also sell our Rustic Bird Collection at the Beech Tree & online at our shop